Terms of delivery and payment & privacy policy

Terms of delivery and payment

Terms of delivery

Finlandia Kirja Oy sells products to private people and companies in Finland and abroad. We hold the rights to change the terms of delivery and rates. The rates of the products include VAT.

All delivery terms presented on this page only apply to orders placed from the www.finlandiakirja.fi online store or our telephone sales.

Webstore contact information

Email: posti(at)finlandiakirja.fi
Phone: +358 40 541 9287 (weekdays between 8am-3pm GMT +2).
Address: Finlandia Kirja Oy, Suksitie 10, 16300 Orimattila, FINLAND
Business id: 2903116-9
Contact form: click here

Ordering goods

The goods ordered are selected in the webstore by adding them to your shopping cart. The order is sent through the checkout feature of the webstore. You accept these terms of delivery and payment, the rates of the products and delivery fees when you order. If you provide an email address, you will receive an order confirmation of your order to your email. Order confirmation includes the products ordered, rates and the amount of taxes paid. Free delivery based on the subtotal of the order can only be selected with the delivery methods Budbee Box and DB Schenker pick-up point package.

Delivery time estimates are calculated from the time the order is placed. 'Day 0' refers to 'the same day' for orders made before 6:00 AM. For orders placed after this time, 'Day 0' is the next business day. The actual delivery time may vary depending on the shipping method and the shipping company.

When ordering abroad, always check the country-specific restrictions on Posti's website before placing the order. Finlandia Kirja is not responsible for delays/loss/returns or any additional costs resulting from ordering content that violates the destination country's customs restrictions.


A new customer can be added to Finlandia Kirja's list of newsletter subscribers, based on which the customer receives a newsletter that contains information about our services. The newsletter has a shortcut to unsubscribe from the mailing list. Once the customer has unsubscribed from the mailing list, they will not be added to the list again unless the customer requests for it.

Product returns, Order cancellation & Refunds

We follow normal European Union and Finnish laws and regulations regarding e-commerce. For domestic and EU orders our orders have a 14 day right of cancellation and return for consumers, which starts from the receipt of the shipment. If you would like to cancel your order and return it within the 14 days time window, we request that you inform us via email at posti(at)finlandiakirja.fi during these 14 days. We will give instructions for returning the products. Without this cancellation statement the order is not considered canceled. After the cancellation notification, the product must be returned within 14 days. The right to cancel the product is lost if the cancellation notification is not made within 14 days of receiving the product or the product is not returned within 14 days of the cancellation notification.

Orders from outside the EU do not have a right of cancellation or return if the products are not faulty. Faulted products, however, will always be reimbursed.

In accordance with EU and Finnish law all returns of non faulty products shall be made on the expense of the buyer. You can use a delivery method of your own choosing. All returned products must be returned in the same condition as at the time of order, carefully packed. If the condition of the product has deteriorated, we reserve the right not to refund the returned product or to only refund part of the product's original price.

If the customer has given false shipping information, they are liable to pay the fees caused by the parcel returning to the sender as well as delivery fees of reshipping the order.

The refund will be made to the payment method originally used. If this is technically impossible we will ask for your bank account number or PayPal account. For orders outside of the EU the recipient shall pay all extra banking fees in case only a bank account number is available. The refund will be made within 7 business days after receiving the returned shipment.

If your order includes a product gift and you want to return some or all of the products you ordered in such a way that the minimum amount required to receive the product gift is not met, you must also return the product gift. If you wish to keep a free item, we reserve the right to deduct its value from the total refund amount.

If you have taken advantage of free shipping in your order and you want to return some or all of the products you ordered in such a way that the minimum amount required to receive free shipping is not met, we reserve the right to deduct its value from the total refund amount.

For domestic and EU orders, purchased gift cards can be canceled during the 14-day cancellation period only if the gift card has not been used, even partially.

Gift cards

The gift card that can be bought in the online store is a digital gift card delivered by e-mail, which can only be used as a means of payment in the finlandiakirja.fi online store. Purchased Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The validity period of the gift card is written in Finnish date format on the gift card and in the e-mail message.

The gift card can be used once or in several parts. The gift card is automatically charged once if the value of the order is equal to or greater than the value of the gift card.

The gift card cannot be exchanged for money. If the card is lost, contact customer service, then the lost gift card can be delivered again to the same email address.

Gift cards are not covered by discount campaigns and no discounts are granted when purchasing gift cards. The price of purchased gift cards is not taken into account when calculating other benefits or discounts.

Gift cards ordered with a corporate invoice are activated after payment of the invoice.

Uncollected shipments

An uncollected shipment is not considered to be cancelled. If the shipment returns uncollected, the right of cancellation and return is viewed as having started from the moment when the parcel could have been collected from the pick-up point or home delivery. When the uncollected shipment returns, we will reship it as soon as we receive all delivery fees for the return and reshipping of the parcel. The return fee is the same as the delivery method's normal priced delivery fee. If you do not wish to pay the shipping expenses, the ownership of the products returns to Finlandia Kirja Oy as reimbursement of expenses incurred.

If you choose to use your right of cancellation, you are still obliged to pay the delivery fee of the returned parcel. Finlandia Kirja Oy has a right to deduct this fee from the order refund.

The domestic Free Delivery only applies when you have collected your shipment. If the shipment returns to Finlandia Kirja Oy, we have a right to charge the normal price of the selected delivery method for both delivery and return. Free Delivery also applies only if you do not return unfaulted products from the order, thus lowering the total value of the order under the Free Delivery order sum limit.

These guidelines are based on EU and Finnish legislation, Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority policies, and The Finnish Consumer Disputes Board decision D/3421/36/2020.

Product complaints

In the case of a possible product complaint, we ask you to contact us by phone or email. We always try to find the best solution for the customer! We also hope you take note that most of our products are used and not new, so they have various attributes and defects that new products do not have. We have done our best to describe these in the product information.

Because Finlandia Kirja Oy is an antiquarian bookstore, the books might have old price markings (for example prices written in pen or old price tags). It would not be practical to try to remove all these kinds of old markings. These markings are part of the book's history and they have nothing to do with the prices of Finlandia Kirja. Finlandia Kirja operates only in e-commerce and do not add any markings to books. The price stated in the webstore is the correct price of the book.

Countries we do not ship to

For now, we do not deliver to the following countries: Afghanistan, Bahamas, Bhutan, Brunei, El Salvador, East Timor, Yemen, Laos, Libya, Nicaragua, North Korea, Solomon Islands, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Belarus, Russia, Monaco, UAE and Israel.

Deliveries to Norway

We are not registered in the Norwegian VOEC system. You can still order from us to Norway, but you are responsible for any customs duties and taxes yourself. We do not reimburse any additional costs.


Terms of payment

Finlandia Kirja Oy serves as the marketer of products and services and as the supplier of products to customers. Finlandia Kirja Oy tends to all legal obligations and other obligations specified by themselves.

All payment terms presented on this page only apply to orders placed from the www.finlandiakirja.fi online store or our telephone sales.


Credit and Debit Cards, Mobile Payments, Finnish Internet Banking


Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact Finlandia Kirja.


Paytrail Plc
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Business ID 2122839-7


Finnish Internet banking

You can use payment buttons from all Finnish banks. You can pay using Aktia's, Danske Bank's, Handelsbanken's, Nordea's Oma Säästöpankki's, Osuuspankki's, POP-pankki's, Säästöpankki's S-pankki's, and Ålandsbanken's payment buttons. In your account statement you will see Paytrail Oyj as the payment recipient. Paytrail Plc will forward your payment to Finlandia Kirja Oy. You will be directed from Finlandia Kirja store directly to your own bank to make the payment safely.

Using this collecting payment service you are bound by the following terms: Paytrail collecting payment service terms

Credit and Debit Card Payments

You can pay using Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard, and American Express card. The store uses international Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and American Express SafeKey authentication services. On your credit card bill you will see Paytrail Oy as the payment recipient. Paytrail Plc will forward your payment directly to the merchant. Card payment are made safely on a secure payment form and no card information will be saved in the store's system.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payment options MobilePay, Pivo, and Siirto are application-operated services that you can use to pay your online purchases as an account transfer from your account or as a card payment from your credit card by accepting the payment in the corresponding application.


You can find the payment terms on Mobile Pay's web page.

MobilePay payment terms (only in Finnish)


You can find the payment terms on Pivo's web page.

Pivo payment terms (only in Finnish)


Siirto payment terms:

OP's general euro payment terms (only in Finnish)

Nordea's Siirto service's terms of use (Only in Finnish)


Invoice and Account (only for domestic orders)

Finlandia Kirja Invoice

We offer an easy and safe way to pay for your purchase with an invoice with a 30-day interest-free and cost-free payment period.

When you choose an invoice as the payment method, you will receive the products you ordered before paying. You can also divide your purchase into smaller parts after receiving the invoice. You must pay at least the minimum amount stated on the invoice by the due date. A reminder invoice of five euros will be charged for delayed payment. At the time of purchase, a credit decision is made, in connection with which your address and credit information can be checked. The credit provider is Avarda. If your application is not accepted, you can choose another payment option. Campaign conditions, such as the credit establishment fee, interest-free and cost-free payment period or other special condition related to the campaign, are applied when the Borrower has chosen to pay in accordance with the campaign conditions during the purchase. The campaign conditions apply only to the purchase in question. More detailed campaign conditions are presented when making a purchase.

You can view the credit terms here: Credit terms and standard consumer credit information

Only for domestic orders.

Finlandia Kirja Account

You can also divide your purchase into smaller parts for a longer payment period. You will receive a monthly account statement with the required minimum amount. At any time, you can also pay larger installments or the entire open balance at once without additional costs. At the time of purchase, a credit decision is made, in connection with which your address and credit information can be checked. The credit provider is Avarda. If your application is not accepted, you can choose another payment option. Campaign conditions, such as the credit establishment fee, interest-free and cost-free payment period or other special condition related to the campaign, are applied when the Borrower has chosen to pay in accordance with the campaign conditions during the purchase. The campaign conditions apply only to the purchase in question. More detailed campaign conditions are presented when making a purchase.

With Finlandia Kirja Tili you get up to 36 months of payment time.

We offer an invoice and an account in cooperation with Avarda. Avarda is part of the Finnish branch of TF Bank AB. Continuous credit with a maximum payment period of 36 months. Credit limit from €1,300. Interest 15% + reference interest according to the Interest Act, account management fee €3.95/month. Credit example: with a credit limit of €1,300 and a repayment period of 12 months, the monthly installment is €124.06 and the effective annual interest rate according to the Consumer Protection Act is 29.08%. The total credit cost is €188.77 and the total amount to be paid is €1,488.77.

You can view the credit terms here: Credit terms and standard consumer credit information

Only for domestic orders.

Billing contact information and customer service

If you have any questions regarding invoicing, you can contact Avarda's customer service. Avarda (Business ID 2594352-3) acts as the creditor of Finlandia Kirja Invoice and Finlandia Kirja Account and assists you in all matters related to the payment of the purchase.

Avarda's billing customer service is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00:

email: asiakaspalvelu@avarda.fi (emails will be answered on weekdays mainly during the same day)

tel: 09 2532 7100 (average response time approx. 60 seconds)

You can view your current purchasing and billing information through Avarda's OMAT SIVUT -service. The service is available 24 hours a day and also on mobile devices.


Corporate invoice

In invoice orders the shipment is delivered, in principle, to the company's official address (stated on the Finnish Business Information System) to reduce abuse attempts. Please contact us separately immediately after the order if you require another delivery address.

We will charge 10 € extra for incomplete or incorrect information.


Privacy policy


Finlandia Kirja is committed to protect the privacy of its customers and offers the opportunity to influence the way information is processed.

We inform our customers about the processing of their data with this privacy policy. The customer needs to accept the terms of this privacy policy to use the services provided by Finlandia Kirja.

The information we have collected can be divided into information provided by the user, observed from the use of web services, and derived with the help of analytics.

We use this information to:

  • Deliver a service that is easy to use, functional, and safe
  • Provide the best possible customer experience
  • Better product recommendations and marketing
  • Develop customer service and the webstore


Controller of the register and contact information

The controller of the register for the personal data processed:

Finlandia Kirja Oy (reg. no: 2903116-9)
Suksitie 10
16300 Orimattila

You can ask more about the privacy policy and processing of personal data via email: posti(at)finlandiakirja.fi


What kind of information can be collected

  • Information provided by the user or personal data
    • Personal data such as name
    • Contact information such as address, postal code, post office, county (only outside Finland), country, email address and phone number
    • The language used when making a transaction
    • Payment method information
    • Email conversations about customership and order management as well as procurement
    • Shareholder relations and powers of attorney of estates regarding procurement
  • Information observed from the use of services and derived with the help of analytics
    • Purchase history (like ordered products and their rates)
    • Delivery information like the delivery method that was chosen and delivery address
    • Utilisation and browsing information of the webstore as well as identifying information of the terminal device
    • Information and identifiers used for targeted content

Providing personal data, contact and payment information is required to make a purchase from the webstore.

The main source of the information is the user themselves.


What personal data can be used for

Personal data is used for

  • Administration of customership including customer communications
  • Delivering, handling, and archiving orders
  • Development of the operations and services of Finlandia Kirja
  • Improvement of the customer experience
  • Purposes of analytics and statistics
  • Producing more personal targeted content and marketing
  • Informing about new products if the customer requests it
  • Stopping misuse
  • Providing better customer service
  • Sending automatic notifications from the “Search Watch”-service about products that have been added to the selection if the customer requests it (only email address)
  • Confirming the fulfilment of terms of agreement, solving possible disagreements as well as authenticating the sales mandate of estates' products regarding procurement
  • Identifying the orders that are picked up from the collection box


The information is processed based on the customer's and Finlandia Kirja's customer relations, contract, use of the website, customer's separate explicit approval, and legal obligations.


How the information is stored and protected

All personal data that is Finlandia Kirja's responsibility has been protected from inappropriate access and accidental or illegal eradication, changing, handover, transfer, or other illegal treatment of the information. Dispensable printouts of customer information (for example mailing lists) are destroyed with a shredder every time immediately after use.

Finlandia Kirja stores their customer information on their own server in Finland and in terms of the webstore www.finlandiakirja.fi, also on the server of an affiliate. The server's and the webstore systems' technical and process information security is at a very high level and they are constantly updated. The server has been protected against hacking and DoS attacks. The webstore's server that is located in Germany stores only the information of orders with the customer information related to them. The webstore's protection and information security are administrated appropriately.

We follow good information security protocols in the processing and technical solutions of personal data, consolidation of data, minimisation, pseudonymisation, anonymisation and encryption among other things. We take into account the demands of the EU's Data Protection Regulation that is applicable from May 25th, 2018 in the processing of personal data.

All access to personal data is supervised according to good practices.

Finlandia Kirja's products are also available for purchase on Antikvaari.fi service (Kirjaverkko Oy) and Huuto.net service (ePrice Oy). When ordering from these services, the customer information is processed and stored by aforementioned services as well. These services forward the necessary customer and order information to Finlandia Kirja to complete the order and customer service, but they are responsible for their information security.


Who processes the personal data

The customer data can only be accessed by the staff of Finlandia Kirja and our staff has been trained to use the information securely and ethically. Each member of our staff can only see the parts of customer information that are necessary to finish their work tasks. Each employee uses customer information systems with their personal usernames and the use of these is supervised.

We use trusted contractual partners in which case information can be transferred to a third party. We have taken into account the EU's Data Protection Regulation and other obligations set by other legislation with all of our partners. More information on third parties can be found in the section “What information is given to third parties”.

The company responsible for information processing:


How long is information stored

We store your personal information only the required period of time to fulfil the utilisation described in this policy. In addition, some information can be stored for longer for those parts that are required to fulfil obligations set by law, such as accounting and to demonstrate the execution of responsibilities regarding consumer sales and the appropriate execution of them.

If the customer requests so, personal data regarding them can be deleted from or anonymised in the systems of Finlandia Kirja. Deletion and anonymisation are always permanent and deleted customer accounts cannot be reinstated.

For some information, legislation sets different kinds of obligations for storing the information for longer for the purposes of:

  • Fulfilling the responsibilities regarding consumer sales
  • Accounting law determines longer storing times for information regardless if the material contains personal data or not
  • Log information of systems is collected and stored in a way that is required by law, so we can offer a legal and safe webstore for our customers
  • Sufficient amount of backup copies of the webstore's databases and systems to secure the information, to fix bugs and to ensure information security and the continuity of it


What kinds of rights do customers have

The customer has the right to:

  • Gain access to the personal data regarding them, including the right for a copy of the personal data regarding them
  • Ask for correction or deletion of personal data regarding them
  • Ask for restriction of processing or object to the processing of personal data with certain requirements

In addition, if the processing is based on approval, the customer has the right to cancel their approval at any point. Worth noting is that this does not affect the legality of the information processing that happened before the approval was cancelled.

The request regarding the utilisation of rights can be made by contacting our customer service. The request must be personalised enough so that our customer service can confirm the identity. We will personally inform you if we cannot fulfil your request for some parts like delete all of your information that we have a legal obligation (like lending information) or right to store.


How can the customer access the information

The most crucial information can be seen through "My account" on our webstore. Other information stored in the systems of Finlandia Kirja can be requested by contacting posti(at)finlandiakirja.fi via email.


How can the customer affect the information utilisation

Finlandia Kirja is committed to offer their customers opportunities to affect the processing of their information.  The customer can at any point close their customer account and ask Finlandia Kirja to delete their information by contacting our customer service. The marketing communications can be discontinued through the link provided in each one of our newsletters.

Note! In some cases all information cannot be deleted and law may require us to store some of the information regarding the customer.


What information is given to third parties

Certain necessary information can be given to third parties to guarantee delivery and also for marketing. Your information will be transferred bound up with the credit decision to the credit offering party.

We use customer information with third parties for the purposes of analytics and personalisation as well. We utilise shopping behaviour and browsing information with our cooperation partners to offer you products and offers that are better for you. The information used for analytics and personalisation is anonymised or pseudonymised always when its possible. Only we can link the used pseudonymised information to your name.

If necessary, we will release information to authorities as well.

We give information to the following third parties:

  • Analytics, personalisation and statistics partners
  • Email marketing partners
  • SMS partner for order notifications
  • The transport company and delivery management software's supplier if the chosen method of delivery is home delivery, delivery to a pick-up point or delivery requiring electronic customs information abroad
  • The payment processing company if the payment method is by online banking, card payment or mobile payment
  • The credit offering party if the customer chooses to pay by bill or by instalments to a credit company
  • PayPal if the customer chooses to pay by PayPal
  • Server service provider as a part of required admin of the webstore

Finlandia Kirja ensures a high level of information security and protection when transferring and processing information according to the EU's Data Protection Regulation. To confirm the level of data processing by the third parties, we use the model contract clauses approved by the European Commission, binding data protection regulations for corporations (BCRs) or other methods approved by the Data Protection Regulation.

Finlandia Kirja uses the American MailChimp service for email informing and maintaining the mailing with whom we have agreed on matters regarding information security. The MailChimp service provider has committed to following the Safe Harbor principles regarding privacy protection which are approved by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission to ensure a sufficient level of information protection.

A customer can limit the information handover for marketing purposes.


List of third parties that receive information directly from Finlandia Kirja and the purpose of giving the information

  • Paytrail Plc (Finnish Internet banking, card, and mobile payments)
  • Avarda (invoices and instalments)
  • PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. (PayPal payments)
  • Posti Oy (order delivery in Finland and internationally)
  • Schenker Oy (order delivery and book collections in Finland)
  • Oy Matkahuolto Ab (order delivery in Finland)
  • Budbee AB (order delivery and book collections in Finland)
  • GLS – General Logistics Systems Finland Oy (order delivery to other EU countries)
  • Consignor Oy (delivery management)
  • Elisa Oyj (SMS customer messaging)
  • Trustmary Group Oy (voluntary customer feedback)
  • Google, i.a. services that follow
    • Gmail (email customer communications)
    • Analytics (analytics regarding sales and webstore utilisation)
    • Ads (analytics regarding sales)
  • Facebook (analytics regarding Finlandia Kirja's Facebook marketing)
  • MailChimp/The Rocket science Group LLC (email customer communications)
  • Trustmary Group Ltd (voluntary customer feedback)
  • UpCloud (server operations)


Are cookies used in the store and what are they

Finlandia Kirja uses cookies and other technologies like them such as the local storage of browsers. Cookies are small text files between the terminal device and the server. Cookies and other identifiers have a determined period of validity after which the browser deletes the identifier. We use these technologies to execute processes and for personalisation, analytics and targeted marketing.

Functional cookies and local storage are used to recognise the customer, to admin the login, estimated delivery times and shopping card functionalities. The use and approval of cookies and local storage for these processes is mandatory. The functional cookies and local storage variables stay in the browser from 15 minutes up to 24 months unless they are deleted separately from the browser settings. Visiting the page sets up the cookies and local storage variables again if the browser allows it.

The cooperation partners and techniques such as beacons and cookies that are used for analytics and targeted marketing help us understand our customers' behaviour and tell us which products, functions and services are interesting to them. The used information is anonymised always when it is possible. Otherwise, we will process the information as personal for those parts in which the identifier has targeting information of the customer such as the IP address. Also, identifiers that can be connected to the customer in some way are processed as personal data. The identifiers are valid from 30 seconds to 24 months.


We utilise Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads and Google Display Network as well as Facebook Pixel to use our page, for popular products, trends as well as analytics regarding sales. The information sent to Google is anonymised.


Read more about the information processing of Google Analytics.

Read more about the information processing of Facebook.


Other than absolutely necessary cookies can be refused by using the cookie settings window at the bottom of the page.


Can this privacy policy be changed

We hold the right to change the privacy policy to develop our services and due to any changes in legislation.


Who can I contact regarding the privacy policy

You can contact our customer service with any questions regarding privacy, data processing and the privacy policy via email at posti(at)finlandiakirja.fi

☎ +358 40 541 9287 (weekdays from 8:00 to 15:00)
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