Order cancellation, Returns, Product complaints & Refunds

Product returns, Order cancellation & Refunds

We follow normal European Union and Finnish laws and regulations regarding e-commerce. For domestic and EU orders our orders have a 14 day right of cancellation and return, which starts from the receipt of the shipment. If you would like to cancel your order and return it within the 14 days time window, we request that you inform us via email at posti(at)finlandiakirja.fi during this 14 days. We will give instructions for returning the products. Without this cancellation statement the the order is not considered cancelled. Orders from outside EU do not have a right of cancellation or return if the products are unfaulted. Faulted products, however, will always be reimbursed.

In accordance with EU and Finnish law all returns of unfaulted products shall be made on the expense of the buyer. You can use a delivery method of your own choosing. All returned products must be returned in the same condition as at the time of order, carefully packed. If the condition of the product has deteriorated, we reserve the right not to refund the returned product or to only refund part of the product's original price.

If the customer has given false shipping information, they are liable to pay the fees caused by the parcel returning to the sender as well as delivery fees of reshipping the order.

The refund will be made to the payment method originally used. If this is technically impossible we will ask for your bank account number or PayPal account. For orders outside of EU the recipient shall pay all extra banking fees in case only a bank account number is available. The refund will be made within 7 business days after receiving the returned shipment.

If your order includes a product gift and you want to return some or all of the products you ordered in such a way that the minimum amount required to receive the product gift is not met, you must also return the product gift. If you wish to keep a free item, we reserve the right to deduct its value from the total refund amount.

If you have taken advantage of free shipping in your order and you want to return some or all of the products you ordered in such a way that the minimum amount required to receive free shipping is not met, we reserve the right to deduct its value from the total refund amount.

For domestic and EU orders, purchased gift cards can be canceled during the 14-day cancellation period only if the gift card has not been used, even partially.

Uncollected shipments

An uncollected shipment is not considered to be cancelled. If the shipment returns uncollected, the right of cancellation and return is viewed as having started from the moment when the parcel could have been collected from the pick-up point or home delivery. When the uncollected shipment returns, we will reship it as soon as we receive all delivery fees for the return and reshipping of the parcel. The return fee is the same as the delivery method's normal priced delivery fee. If you do not wish to pay the shipping expenses, the ownership of the products returns to Finlandia Kirja Oy as reimbursement of expenses incurred.

If you choose to use your right of cancellation, you are still obliged to pay the delivery fee of the returned parcel. Finlandia Kirja Oy has a right to deduct this fee from the order refund.

The domestic Free Delivery only applies when you have collected your shipment. If the shipment returns to Finlandia Kirja Oy, we have a right to charge the normal price of the selected delivery method for both delivery and return. Free Delivery also applies only if you do not return unfaulted products from the order, thus lowering the total value of the order under the Free Delivery order sum limit.

These  guidelines are based on EU and Finnish legislation, Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority policies, and The Finnish Con­sumer Dis­putes Board decision D/3421/36/2020.

Product complaints

In the case of a possible product complaint, we ask you to contact us by phone or email. We always try to find the best solution for the customer! We also hope you take note that most of our products are used and not new, so they have various attributes and defects that new products do not have. We have done our best to describe these in the product information.

Because Finlandia Kirja Oy is an antiquarian bookstore, the books might have old price markings (for example prices written in pen or old price tags). It would not be practical to try to remove all these kinds of old markings. These markings are part of the book’s history and they have nothing to do with the prices of Finlandia Kirja. Finlandia Kirja operates only in e-commerce and do not add any markings to books. The price stated in the webstore is the correct price of the book.

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